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An icon of non-violence, human values and universal brotherhood, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a renowned spiritual leader and humanitarian. His mission of uniting the world into a violence-free global family continues to inspire millions the world over. He seeks global peace through service and fostering human values.

Born in 1956 in southern India, Sri Sri's appeal cuts across all barriers of class, race, religion and nationality. Millions of Hindus revere Sri Sri as their religious and spiritual leader, while people of other faiths look up to him for promoting inter-faith harmony. After Mahatma Gandhi, it's Sri Sri who has been uniting people of different traditions into a spiritual communion throughout the length and breadth of India.

Even as a young child, Sri Sri was often found in deep meditation and at the age of four, he surprised his parents by reciting the Bhagavad Gita. By the age of 17, he had obtained advanced degree in Modern Physics and later received an Honorary Doctorate from Kuvempu University, India.

In 1981, he founded the Art of Living Foundation, which today is one of the world's largest volunteer-based educational and humanitarian organisation. In 2007, he founded the International Association for Human Values (IAHV).

Through his personal interactions, teachings and humanitarian initiatives, Sri Sri has reached out to an estimated 300 million people worldwide. From over 25,000 villages in India to the ghettos of South Africa to more than 150,000 prisoners incarcerated around the world, Sri Sri is transforming lives. His wisdom, his legendary charisma and his selfless service have inspired farmers, students, housewives, professionals, social workers and thinkers alike. Touching upon every section of society and addressing every aspect required to build a violence-free, crime free and stress-free society, Sri Sri's work covers the areas of conflict resolution, trauma relief and disaster management, stress elimination, prisoner rehabilitation, youth & women empowerment, education, community development, empowering individuals and the revival of ancient wisdom.

Unarguably the most multi-faceted activist in the world today, Sri Sri's range of social work encompasses conflict resolution, disaster relief, women empowerment, prison reform, campaign against female infanticide and eradication of child labour. He is engaged in peace talks and counselling in conflicts zones around the world. His expertise in bringing people to the negotiating table in Sri Lanka, Kashmir and other places is widely acknowledged.

Sri Sri has brought to the masses ancient techniques which were traditionally kept exclusive. He has designed many self-development modules which people can take back home and use to calm their minds and heighten enthusiasm. Through these programmes, thousands have come out of depression, suicidal tendencies and aggressive behaviour.
Sri Sri
's simple message that love and wisdom prevail over hatred and distress has reverberated in the lives of people in all continents of the world. Travelling throughout the year to around 40 countries, Sri Sri has been calling for globalisation of wisdom. Governments and organisations across the world have honoured Sri Sri in recognition of his tireless service to humanity. Over the years, he has been invited to address several global forums, including the UN Millennium Peace Summit (2000), NASA scientists (2004) and several parliaments across the globe.

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