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Here is where you come when you enter. Staffed with some of the most pleasant people you will encounter, they make sure your visit will be unforgettable. Everything, from housing to travel arrangements and registration happens here.

Vishalakshi Mantapa

Inaugurated in January 2003, this is the jewel of the crown that is the ashram. A venue that has seen people from all walks of life, all corners of the world, VM is a treat to behold. At night, fully lit up, it shines like a multilayered crown.

The five floors with a multitude of lotus petals provides a panoramic view of the whole ashram. Sunsets and sunrise is one of the most breathtaking sights at VM.  

Divine Shop

Nestled in the basement of the Vishalakshi Mantapa, the Divine Services provides for all your requirements at the ashram. From books and tapes to soaps and towels - keeping your mind and body fresh - its available at Divine Services.


A wide grassy expanse at the feet of the magnificient Vishalakshi Mantapa, this is where you will probably find yourself on sunday evenings for the evening satsang. With a magical ability to accommodate as many people as you can throw at it, it is also a perfect vantage point to admire the beauty of VM.

Annapurna - the Dining Hall

If you are hungry this is one of the primary spots you need to head for. A massive hall, it can cater to many thousands of people at a time. With modern equipments the hygienic and tasty food that is cooked here is famous all over the world.

Vishala - The Canteen

With the soft strains of the sitar in the background, this is the place to head for if your stomach starts grumbling at odd times or if you just fancy a spot of juice. Built in a traditional form, the low hanging tiled roofs create a rustic ambience.


Panchkarma treatments are the sheet anchor of Ayurveda. It includes various therapies designed to assist the body in the internal cleansing process by eliminating the toxins, wastes and other excesses to bring the supportive forces of life - the 'Tridoshas' into balance.

The ancient Nadi system of diagnosis has been revived and is available at the ayurvedic centre. In addition, special treatments like Marma chikitsa, Meru chikitsa and facial massage are also offered.

Projects - An overview

The campus is the hub for many a project initiated by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Ranging from research to rural development, education to humanitarian relief activities - the campus has seen it all. The projects are all run by volunteers from all over the world who contribute their time and effort, inspired by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.


Ved Vignan - as the name suggests - explores the linkages between ancient knowledge and modern science. The department of research encompasses three wings - Vedic research, Medical research and Social research. Resident vedic scholars interact with scientists to create linkages between traditional vedic knowledge and modern science. The efficacy of sudarshan kriya and its effects on the mind and body is studied under the Medical research, while the effects of such techniques on societies as a whole is studied by the social research department.

The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research of the Government of India has recognized the Trust for its research activities in this field.


 Education is one of the most important means for marginalized populations to improve personal skills, develop capabilities, overcome constraints and in the process enlarge the available set of opportunities for sustained improvement in well-being. Thus education represents a critical means of empowerment, of bringing about the social, economic and political inclusion of the sidelined population into mainstream society.

VVM aims at providing informal education to the village population in general and the provision of formal education to the tribal population. It is committed to making quality education accessible to the poor and also providing a joyful and inspiring learning environment to the children from rural areas and urban. Within the education program, we have set up a range of schools, which offer value based education, which make learning a joyful experience and provide children with practical life skills.

Rural Development

VVM started its development work in 1982 and initially focused on the provision of primary education to poor children and vocational training to rural women in India. In 1997, the trust expanded its activities to encompass rural communities for addressing the needs of the poor and disadvantaged in a holistic manner. Today, the organization's work in rural areas ranges from comprehensive rural development, education, tribal welfare, to organic farming and vocational training.

Women Empowerment

Empowering women has been a primary focus area for the trust since it's inception. We recognise that tackling women's issues can address the roots of society and bring about sustainable and lasting transformation in society. Vocational training programs - typing and tailoring - have formed the bulwark of the trust's interventions in this area. In addition the school provides a platform for many of the educated village women to teach and pass on their experiences to the next generation. In fact, one of the school teachers is a product of the very school in which she teaches.


The aim of the 5H program is to uplift individuals, families, communities and nations so that the finest human qualities are nurtured and the full potential of human life can be expressed throughout society.  Ultimately, the long term goal is far-reaching social transformation, where poverty, misery and disease are eradicated, and where peace and harmony prevail throughout the world. 


The Campus:

Ved Vignan Mahavidyapeeth
21st km, Kanakapura Road
Bangalore, Karnataka 560 082
Phone: +91 80 28432273
eMail: ashraminfo@artofliving.org

The City Centre

Vyakti Vikas Kendra, India
No 19, 39 A Cross, 11 Main
Jayanagar IV T Block
Bangalore - 560041
Phone: +91 80 26645106
eMail: vvkblr@vsnl.net



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