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Heritage School

His Holiness established the Heritage and Sanskrit schools to emphasize promotion of traditional Indian heritage, which is fast dying out in today's world. The students are provided training and education about India's rich culture including the ancient Vedas and scriptures. The Heritage school includes free dormitories, an extensive library of Vedic sciences, treatises and commentaries is available in Sanskrit, English and other regional languages to promote study and research. Graduates of the Heritage school are well versed in the ancient  Indian  scriptures,  and also  in the  modern sciences.

This unique  approach is   inspired by His Holiness' vision of modern science blending with ancient knowledge. For more information please visit: www.artofliving.org/bangalore/

Interfaith Music

Music is a universal language that everyone can enjoy, regardless of race,  religion, or creed. Music is a fundamental language for all human beings. Sri Sri has created an environment in which people from all nationalities and faiths feel at home and are encouraged to express their culture freely

Sri Sri visits over 35 nations each year, and in every country local musicians and artists welcome him with their traditional music and celebration. Music inspired by Sri Sri often cuts across religious boundaries and brings people together. Examples of such universal music are found at bookstore.artofliving.org

Interfaith Dialogue

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says "Religion is like the banana peel and Spirituality is like the banana. We are holding on to the peel and have thrown the Banana." Spirituality - the basis of all religions - is what can provide the solution to the problems facing mankind today. What is needed today is a better appreciation of this unifying outlook which comes out of a thorough understanding of one's own self, coupled with a healthy respect for all of humanity.

The first step towards promoting peace is to appreciate the spiritual depth of each religion. Each religion has a unique, and sometimes complementary way of dealing with life's situations. The variety of outlook and differences in perspective should serve as a means of emphasizing the diversity in nature. Each time and space has had its share of the spiritual knowledge which every prophet or founder of a religion has professed. However, each religion does stand testimony to the existence of the One Absolute Reality

Timeless Wisdom

Every major tradition has made a unique contribution towards human evolution. It is not wise to see one tradition as better than another. The wisdom in all the religions of the world belongs to everyone. They all advocate the basic human values of truth, peace, and service.

When attention is given to the spiritual aspect of one's life, it brings responsibility, a sense of belongingness, and compassion. It breaks down boundaries of caste, creed, religion and nationality. This is the only way that wars can be eliminated and human rights restored today.



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