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Narad Bhakti Sutras BY Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

volume 3:- " Love knows no conflict "

Guruji begin Talk with Three times Chanting  of " Om Namah Bhagwate Vasudevaya"
There is major difference between intention and desire. Most of our actions happen through intention. Desire is the feverishness; an intention with feverishness great hurry to achieve is desire. A desire devoid of feverishness with calmness is intention. Desire is the cause of misery / sorrow.

Narada says whatever activity you are doing be centered, stable, calm, sturdy is the secret" Letting go of the feverishness brings into the centeredness Feel one with the divinity. I am part of you I am you, you are me. This is the slogan of love.
Feel the oneness with divine, no separation of any sort. The nature of Love is feeling oneness. Do you feel the same way with this existence with this divinity? Do you feel the part of this globe, part of the air, part of this ocean? Do you feel you have merged with this existence that is divine Love? Love is not an emotion it is our very existence.
The Language of love knows no conflict. If there is conflict just ignore it, be indifferent to it (Udaseenta). Indifference takes you beyond the opposite of love and hate. At any time you feel your Love is shaken by some conflict brush is aside be indifferent.
Come what way, there is one path, one knowledge, one divinity, the totality of merger that is called annanyata. Recognize/honour every thing but don't take their support. In life we take so many crutches and we are unable to walk through. Money, fame, friendship/relationship, your own ego/prestige are such crutches.
Money is not security. Only God is our Security. If you depend on divinity for your existence for your love - for your comfort, you will be able to lend support to those who needed, if you are seeking support from others, emotional or otherwise, some day or other you are going to feel down or miserable.

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