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Narad Bhakti Sutras BY Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

volume 2:- " Love is beyond Desires "

Our Desire give rise to fulfillment, Desires keep multiplying in Life. It is like drawing water with baseless pot. Desire Brings more greed. People who are successful become work alcoholic. You do not grieve for anything; You do not become over excited.
All desires aim fulfillment. Fulfillment does not come without love .If you experience fulfillment that is love. The Sign of contentment is silence. When you have a desire and you fulfill the desire you are happy but if you don't then you are unhappy.

Guruji gave examples

a) Mulah who was upset because there was drought and he was not able to cultivate the crops and next year when there was good rain again he was unhappy because he had to work now.

b) Judge of the Supreme Court who wanted to be the Chief Justice and once he became chief justice then he wanted to be CJ of International Chamber.

c) A man who wanted to buy a very big car in London and then he bought the same .After some time he was fed up with the car as he was not able to drive the same because of small roads and he wanted to dispose off the same..

This is because of lack of knowledge. We look for contentment where it doesn't come from. For eg if you have slept well then you don't feel drowsy, if you have eaten well then you are not hungry.

Grieve brings hatred. What you hate is something that you have desired for. Frustrations bring hatred. It Burns whole system. One who has attained divine love will not be carried away by instance.
Excitement makes you go crazy. Guruji gave an eg
a) a person who won 1 million USD as lottery and he was a heart patient. His wife was worried and she went to a priest explaining the whole story. The priest promised to meet the husband to tell him in a way that he is no affected. The priest asked the husband what you will do if you win 1 million USD. He said I will give you 50,000 USD. The priest had a heart attack.
b) Guruji went abroad and one of the lady went to pick Guruji at the airport. Out of excitement she was not able to sleep for 3 nights. When she was in the car with the Guruji she fell asleep.
Excitement throws off your balance. Divine love brings fulfillment. That fulfillment does not come with other means. Lucky are those who do not get contended with material things and live in knowledge.

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