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Narad Bhakti Sutras BY Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

volume 1:- "The Love that does not die"

Our lives revolve around love. The origin of life is love and the goal of life is also love. Yet, the seeking for love that brings freedom, comfort and peace, is ongoing.
f you look from another angle, you find that all the problems in life are also because of love. Greed Jealousy, anger, frustration - the Horde of all these negative emotions - is caused by love. They are a distorted form of love!, yet we do not want any of these distortions! So mankind is seeking a love, which is free from negativity, which is soothing which is comforting and which leave you in peace.

The centre of life is love and yet we seem to be so far away from our own centres! What can connect us to our centre? What can bring us back to our self? This quest is ongoing. In the ancient days, there was a sage, a "Rishi; whose name was Narada. "Narada" means one who connects you to the source- one who is in the centre as well as on the circumference. Most of use remains on the circumference. We are just trying to find our centre, but we never reach there. We move in circles. We remain in the exterior. There are those, who live in the centre, who live in a world of their own - not connected to the practical reality of life. Often you find this happening in the world. Some people are very ideological - they are very much into ideology, but they are not so practical .. and others, are so practical, that they drop all ideals and goals. So there's no progress in life. You need a balance between ideology and practicality. Wisdom is that, which makes high ideals possible to live in daily life.
The Rishi Narada is known for creating mischief! He creates trouble and problems everywhere, but all these turn out to be very good for everybody! Narada would connect people, who normally don't connect. He connects you to the centre, to your own existence.

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