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Celebrate the Birthday Of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on 13th May 2013

“Just enter the door of the Master and come home. Only the Presence of the Master will bring fulfillment to all your relationships. The presence is vast, infinite, stable and centered”.
… His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

" Birthday Celebrations of Guruji at Dwarka on 13th May 2013 "

Words by themselves are inadequate to express what a master or a Guru brings to one’s life. His presence, his love, his grace and his shining light can uplift one from the miseries and the sorrows that life brings us. One knows one has come to the Master when there is a sense of completeness; the feeling of a child peacefully sleeping on the mother’s lap without any worries.
Some body asked Guruji about his birthday date and he replied “MAY TERA” (I am Yours i.e.,13th May).

This year celebration of Birthday of Guruji is happening in Grand way in DWARKA. There would be only One common satsang in whole Delhi NCR and devotees from all over DELHI NCR would be attended the celebrations in Dwarka.
All the Art of Living Teachers would collectively chant Guru Puja and we are going to have a very energetic Satsang.
Let us all come together to celebrate Guruji’s Birthday - An evening of divinity
Guru Puja by all Delhi-NCR AoL Teachers together, Meditation, SATSANG and lot of surprises

Seva : Serbat Seva at dwarkadhish Temple Setor-12 Near Aasirwad Chowk dwarka 10 am.

You can make a difference to the lives of rural children. Join hand to Educate a Child. EDUCATE A CHILD, GIFT A FUTURE, GIFT A SMILE . It takes only Rs 10000 for sponsorship for one child. Drafts / Cheques in favour of "Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth" are welcome for this noble cause. All donations are tax exempt under 80G.

Satsang and Sadhana : The AoL Dwarka Invites you to celebrate and mesmerize your mind and soul in an evening of Gurupuja, satsang with Divine Melodies and Meditation .

On May 13, 7 pm onwards

We all celebrate birthday of ourselves, our Children / friends in a big way. The Birthday comes once in a year, Let's be part of the celebrations of Gurudev's Birthday. Be Present & Share the Bliss with family, relatives and friends.

With lots of love and best wishes.

Jai Guru Dev
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