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"Motivation comes from the outside. Inspiration comes from within. You can motivate a person, but that motivation is short-lived. Inspiration,  on the other hand, can last a whole lifetime."
-- H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Every successful Corporate House worth its salt knows the importance of maintaining and upgrading facilities and equipment to obtain optimum performance levels. Many companies, however, fail to give an equal amount of attention to their most precious resource - their employees. With increasing competition, and pressure to do things cheaper, better and faster, the quality of an employee's life is often overlooked.

When problems of stress and conflict in the workplace are not remedied, employees grow frustrated, or feel overwhelmed, and this leads to problems like greater absenteeism, decreased motivation, limited creativity and a deterioration in morale. Unless employees are centered and balanced, a company's economic growth, and true potential cannot be fully realized.

One often hears that the IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is a measure of success. Yet, in the workplace, its not just about how intelligent one is, but also about how well one handles the big 'S', 'Stress'. However, though stress is considered to be a necessary occupational hazard, this does not have to be the case - ascorporate houses, the world over, are discovering, through the APEX (Achieving Personal Excellence) Programme.

A highly specialized, practical, and effective training Programme, it presents a paradigm shift, from 'working hard' to 'working smart'. It provides employees with the solution to striking a balance between meeting the demands of one's personal life and professional commitments. It strengthens managers and employees, enabling them to experience unshakable calm and inner clarity in the face of any business challenge or crisis. Several companies report a significant increase in their employees' levels of responsibility, and commitment, post their participation in the APEX, and these translate into considerably larger profits.


. 4 sessions (5 hours each) spread over 4 consecutive days or

. 3 sessions (about 7 hours each) spread over 3 consecutive days.

. Residential or Non-Residential

. On site or Off site


. The APEX Value Leader Programme For top-level senior professionals

. The APEX Tactical Leader Programme For mid-level executives

. The APEX Leader Programme For entry level employees and those with 3-4 years experience

You Will Learn

. To eliminate stress & rejuvenate yourself through yoga & breathing techniques like the potent Sudarshan Kriya

. To communicate more effectively & develop valuable problem-solving skills through pranayamas, meditation, interactive processes, videos, etc.

. To evolve creative work practices that improve job performance.





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