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Art of Living Course Yes Plus

"There is a major difference between intention and desire. Intention is desire without the feverishness, without the hurry."
-- H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


In a blissful evening coming our way in the form of "YUVARATRI" - A Yes Plus Mega Event on 24th December 2006 in Mumbai where more than 1 lakh Youth will dance sing meditate celebrate in the graceful presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar! Yuvaratri of the youth for the youth by the youth!  For more details visit to www.yesplus.org

Youth and Spirituality

Life is made of matter and spirit. Matter is amino acids proteins bones flesh, etc. The spirit is made up of enthusiasm, joy, love and beauty. You need food for the stomach, taste for the tongue, beauty for the eyes, and fun and celebration. All these are a part of one's life and spirituality is something that encompasses all these avenues, human values, compassion, caring - are all part of spirituality.

Spirituality is not just sitting and doing some practice - it is a value system, a way of life.

Today's youth need a broadening of their vision about life, and deepening of their roots in their culture, tradition and value systems. Deepening their roots in their culture, tradition and value systems. Deepening their roots, gives a sense of responsibility and ownership, while a broader vision, gives a sense of relaxation. A broader vision and deeper roots really mean responsibility with ease ,calmness, and equanimity.

Inhibition is the biggest problem amongst our youth - they worry about what the other person is going to think about them.

Another problem is the tendency of the mind to cling more to the negative, than to the positive. To break free from this, youth need to take responsibility for themselves, and ensure that their minds are clear, and not clogged. All spiritual practices and celebrations lead one to a more fulfilled and joyful life - more love and care, and this is what our youth require.

Taking a look into their lives, they need to see life from a bigger context and not just look into Immediate short-term benefits. Through this they need to bring about a shift from : "What can I have ?" to " What can I give ?" - shift from competition to contribution. This can happen , when they attend to the four sources of energy -proper food, proper rest, a little attention to their breadth, and a few minutes for a calm, collected, meditative mind.

Youth complain of lack of concentration. When do you need to concentrate? Do you need to concentrate, when you love the subject? You require concentration for something, which you don't like to do! So just love everything you do! Only, when we transcend the thinking level, settle down, and calm the mind, do we access the richness that we are!

Youth NEED to realize they have huge potential and strength to achieve what they want. This is possible if they have SOME QUIET MOMENTS TO THEMSELVES!

Unfortunately, SPIRITUALITY is shown as something SERIOUS. Caring for life, uplifting life - is spirituality, and by keeping it in its true spirit of celebration, joy and sincere love, youth come around to it. I think it is our expression that matters.Today's youth are mature enough, and they are realizing the NEED of SPIRITUALITY in their Lives. They experience the peak of material prosperity and comfort, so much so that life has become saturated with stimulations.Everyone is yearning for a sense of serenity, calmness, inner peace, and sincere LOVE.At the heart of EACH person, is a longing for truth, for love - and spirituality is able to open the lid that has been blocked for many years. One finds SOLACE, STRENGTH AND ABILITY to find results effectively.

-- H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar



Youth Empowerment Seminar PLUS (YES!+):

YES Plus is an innovative and dynamic educational and life skills program that provides young students and professionals the tools to achieve their ideal life with ease, creativity, energy, and inhibition-free. 

The growing demands placed on an individual to be successful in our fast-paced, stressful global society make it even more necessary for college students to have the tools they need to make responsible life decisions with confidence and clarity, more joy and enthusiasm while developing a broader vision along with cultivating leadership potential. Quality and success in life are determined by our state of mind. Under stress and pressure, the mind often vacillates between regretting the past and worrying about the future.

This constant vacillation results in lower performance, lack of concentration, decreased efficiency, and more interpersonal conflicts. The YES plus course for college students both challenges and empowers students to become more centered and focused, to manage negative emotions and to live life more fully in the present moment, with increased awareness, perception and expression.

The techniques and processes taught during the seminar make the student experience much more enriching and full. The tools and experiences gained are essential for any future work environment. Graduates of the seminar report improved focus and concentration, increased confidence, enhanced creativity and efficiency throughout the day as well as improved interpersonal relationships and a sense of naturalness in life.

YES! for Colleges: Testimonials

"A very refreshing, calming experience in this crazy, fast-paced world. I am definitely more focused and relaxed after taking this course. I would whole-heartedly recommend it to everyone."
Student, University of Massachusetts

"The yes Plus course has helped me be a better observer of myself and my behavior. The result .. calmer mind, which in turn has helped me become more effective and productive."
Student, Stanford University

"An awesome experience. The techniques that were taught were simple, yet powerful. After doing the Yes Plus course, I found that whenever I practiced the Sudarshan Kriya and the pranayama, I would feel alert and refreshed throughout the day. It taught me to enjoy the simple things of life, and be happy, come what may."
Student, Georgia Tech, Atlanta

"I used to stress out about everything but after taking the course I am aware that everything is under control. My friends notice the change too. And the techniques taught can have a better effect than most drugs."
Student, UCSC

"This Art of living course taught me to live life to the fullest and to always be happy in the present moment. I would recommend this course to everyone of all ages."
Student, University of Massachusetts

"After the Art of Living classes something shifted in my mind. Before, I was living with constant stress, taking things negatively and looking at life in a very pessimistic way. But how surprised I was to see what simple thoughts and gestures could do to me!"
Student, Columbia Business School

"As an engineer I need to be both analytical and creative. Mental clarity and stamina are also essential. The workshop enhances these abilities. An additional plus is a better sense of well-being and growing joy."
William Hayden, NASA Senior Systems Analyst

"The Yes plus Course was outstanding. A life-changing experience. Anyone can benefit fully. Particularly important for a fast-paced lifestyle."
Student, Rutgers College

"..studying called for putting in a lot of effort. Would get tired after studying. Also, concentration was difficult. There used to be a lot of distraction like TV, friends etc. But now after doing the course, I can read for hours together without any distraction. And my reading speed has almost tripled. I can comprehend faster and complete huge books in a matter of few days. There is no distraction at all. I could have never done this before."
Student, VJTI-Mumbai, India

"Very good - highly energizing - the perfect blend of spirituality and healthy breathing."
Student, Rutgers College

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